You and Me and Cancer Makes Three

Everything feels like falling apart, life has ended and there is only a long way of fighting off, which in consequence will lead to the very end, fade. Approximately the same idea could have filled up John Irving while facing cancer and consequently poured out in his book “You and Me and Cancer Makes Three”. When it deals with cancer, there are few who can imagine a happy end of the story, but John Irving could. Every reader, having experienced the book, no matter how strange it was, found the poetry uplifting in many aspects, as it draws the desire to keep on till the very end and never give up.

Cancer Is Not a Sentence

“You and Me and Cancer Makes Three” is not a sad story of a man awaiting a deadly finale of his path, however, it is a book of a fighter, who could under pressure find the power to withstand the disease. This is a journey of man’s recovery of this awful disease, a journey of comrades, which were bound by one reason and one aim. This poetry is fulfilled in an inspiration way, which confirms that cancer is not a sentence, but the stage of life, which happened to be overcome. Stories like this are often stuffed with sadness, in contradistinction from those ones, it was made to encourage other people facing this illness, to ignite their hope, so that it should inflame the fire of life, which uplifts disappointed soles on their feet. One can think that super modern equipment is required to fight this awful disease, and he or she may be right, but without the following options no equipment can ever kill a disease, namely:

–          Humor;

–          Compassion;

–          Assistance;

–          Humanity;

–          Love;

–          Friendship.

The Matter of Cancer

Cancer – this is a word that highly represents the meaning of death, the meaning of what everyone is scared as soon as he completely comprehends life. This illness make things even worse, as the act of illness itself implies the probability of getting closer to the very end.  When its fingers reach any of us, a body does not feel its presence, but a sole; the thought about cancer mentally scratches the sole from inside and finds a place to reside, as the whole passage to the deepest point of one is filled with the only idea of the disease. The matter of it is not how it affects a person, but the worst thing about it is how cancer damages the people around him. While the patient is deadly stunned, his relatives, friends and anyone concerned strive against it and never step down. And yet cancer is no doom.

Fast Friends Forever: A Tribute to Greyhounds in Words and Pictures

Do you love dogs? What is your favorite breed? A pug? A poodle? A labrador? Or maybe a beagle? And what about greyhounds? Have you ever seen one of these fastest things on four legs?

The Greyhounds are not only one of the fastest but also one of the oldest dogs on the planet. They were first mentioned in Egyptian carvings. Since then the greyhounds have been known as the dogs which are bred to race. But only a few know how gentle and loyalty these animals are. As any other breed greyhound is born to be a crucial part of someone’s family. It is a massive misconception to think that greyhounds are aggressive because of their nature to compete and race. In reality, they are great companions not only for people but also for other animals. They feel comfortable living under the roof with smaller dogs and even cats. These delicately framed and sophisticated dogs are extremely smart and sweet, which make them a perfect family member and a friend of the children.Greyhounds

There are a lot of books you can read to learn about greyhounds more. But there is one special book which is going to blow you away – «Fast Friends Forever: A Tribute to Greyhounds in Words and Pictures» by John Irvine.

John Irvine’s Book Review

Why «Fast Friends Forever: A Tribute to Greyhounds in Words and Pictures»?

What makes this book so special is the way it is written in. It is not a collection of pictures or historical facts about animals. It is a heartbreaking and breathtaking story about rescued greyhounds and their owners. The book describes a personality of each dog through feelings, emotions, ideas, events, and pictures.

This book will be a perfect present for someone who is interested in animals in general. It will be a beautiful gift for someone who works in or owns a pet store, vet office, or a dog shelter. It is a great Christmas present for your mother, father, sister, brother, children, husband, or even a best friend. As it gives the understanding who greyhounds are and why they need our support. This is one of those books which change your worldview in a better way. It is a book for cozy winter evenings by the fireplace.

«Fast Friends Forever: A Tribute to Greyhounds in Words and Pictures» is a big part of collecting money project for the charity organization in New Zealand called Greyhounds as Pets. This organization is taking care of retired racing greyhounds, finding appropriate homes and families for the dogs.

«Fast Friends Forever: A Tribute to Greyhounds in Words and Pictures» is something you should definitely have in your home library. It is a balanced combination of sad, funny, interesting facts and heartwarming stories about one of the most graceful breeds in the world.

The book will be a perfect present for:

  •   Birthday;
  •   Wedding;
  •   Anniversary;
  •   Graduation;
  •   Christmas;
  •   Mother’s Day;
  •   And Father’s Day.

Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine

Have you ever heard of a haibun? What does it actually mean? A bird? A place? An object? Can you find it in a dictionary?

If you’re not deeply interested in literary or Japanese culture, you’ve probably never heard of a haibun. But this doesn’t mean you’ve never read or met a haibun in a book.

A haibun is a poetic composition form, which came to us from Japan. But how does a haibun relate to the book we’re going to talk about?

«Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine» is a collection of haibuns. And not simple haibuns but illustrated ones. It is a wonderful balance between poetry, photography, and art. The content of the book is a touching moment of the hearts of two poets – Maureen Irvine and John Irvine.

About the AuthorsAbout the Authors

The authors of the book are a talented couple from New Zealand. They are a wife and a husband, whose works were published all over the world – United Kingdom, Greece, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. «Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine» is the first collaboration of the couple as co-writers. Irvine claims this book is a result of hard work and time-consuming processes, which took several years for the book to see the world. Actually, it was Maureen’s idea to write a book together. Before creating this book, the authors have fallen in love with different Japanese literary forms. They were working with haiku and senryu particularly. But why did they decide to write a common book in haibun style exactly? The secret is that only a haibun is a combination of both prose and haiku.

The authors consider a haibun to be a perfect form o expressing the thoughts, the words, and the art.Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine

The Book

The book is written in the way to be interesting for everyone – for those who’re looking for beautiful illustrations and for those who’re looking for heartwarming poetry.

«Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine» is written in a very descriptive, emotional, and special manner. This is one of those books which can be interesting even for those who are not into poetry and reading. By the way, it is a great gift idea for the upcoming winter holidays.

For whom and when can this book be a great gift?


  •   Parents;
  •   Friends;
  •   Boyfriend;
  •   Girlfriend.


  •   Christmas;
  •   New Year’s Day;
  •   Valentine’s Day;
  •   Teacher’s Day;
  •   Anniversary;
  •   Father’s Day;
  •   Mother’s Day;
  •   And Friendship Day.

We definitely recommend reading this book if you’re looking for something fresh and unusual in literature. This poetry is so special that it forces you to read everything in one breath. The words run on to each other in the way that allows you move on through the book very fast, flowing from one page to another.