Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine

Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine

Have you ever heard of a haibun? What does it actually mean? A bird? A place? An object? Can you find it in a dictionary?

If you’re not deeply interested in literary or Japanese culture, you’ve probably never heard of a haibun. But this doesn’t mean you’ve never read or met a haibun in a book.

A haibun is a poetic composition form, which came to us from Japan. But how does a haibun relate to the book we’re going to talk about?

«Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine» is a collection of haibuns. And not simple haibuns but illustrated ones. It is a wonderful balance between poetry, photography, and art. The content of the book is a touching moment of the hearts of two poets – Maureen Irvine and John Irvine.

About the AuthorsAbout the Authors

The authors of the book are a talented couple from New Zealand. They are a wife and a husband, whose works were published all over the world – United Kingdom, Greece, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. «Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine» is the first collaboration of the couple as co-writers. Irvine claims this book is a result of hard work and time-consuming processes, which took several years for the book to see the world. Actually, it was Maureen’s idea to write a book together. Before creating this book, the authors have fallen in love with different Japanese literary forms. They were working with haiku and senryu particularly. But why did they decide to write a common book in haibun style exactly? The secret is that only a haibun is a combination of both prose and haiku.

The authors consider a haibun to be a perfect form o expressing the thoughts, the words, and the art.Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine

The Book

The book is written in the way to be interesting for everyone – for those who’re looking for beautiful illustrations and for those who’re looking for heartwarming poetry.

«Two Voices: Collected from Maureen and John Irvine» is written in a very descriptive, emotional, and special manner. This is one of those books which can be interesting even for those who are not into poetry and reading. By the way, it is a great gift idea for the upcoming winter holidays.

For whom and when can this book be a great gift?


  •   Parents;
  •   Friends;
  •   Boyfriend;
  •   Girlfriend.


  •   Christmas;
  •   New Year’s Day;
  •   Valentine’s Day;
  •   Teacher’s Day;
  •   Anniversary;
  •   Father’s Day;
  •   Mother’s Day;
  •   And Friendship Day.

We definitely recommend reading this book if you’re looking for something fresh and unusual in literature. This poetry is so special that it forces you to read everything in one breath. The words run on to each other in the way that allows you move on through the book very fast, flowing from one page to another.